The Importance of Hydration for Kids When Riding and Being Active Outside

The Importance of Hydration for Kids When Riding and Being Active Outside

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As we all know, keeping our kids active and healthy is one of our top priorities. Whether they're riding their bikes, scooters, or just running around outside, staying hydrated is key.

But let's be real – getting kids to drink enough water can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. So, let’s chat about why hydration is so crucial and share some tips and tricks to make sure your little ones stay refreshed and ready for adventure.

Why Hydration Matters

First things first, let’s talk about why hydration is so important, especially when our kids are out riding and being active.

1. Energy Levels: Water is essential for keeping energy levels up. When kids are dehydrated, they can quickly become tired and cranky. And we all know a tired and cranky child can turn any fun outing into a not-so-fun one pretty quickly. That’s why it cans sometimes seem like the ‘Special Stuff’ from Space Jam when you give them a drink!

2. Temperature Regulation: Kids are more susceptible to temperature extremes than adults. Staying hydrated helps their bodies regulate temperature, preventing overheating on those hot summer days.

3. Concentration and Mood: Proper hydration improves concentration and mood. If your child is well-hydrated, they're more likely to stay focused and enjoy their activities. This means fewer meltdowns and more fun for everyone.

4. Physical Performance: Dehydration can significantly impact physical performance. Keeping your child hydrated ensures they can keep up with all their favorite activities, from bike riding to scooting and everything in between.

The Challenges of Keeping Kids Hydrated

As important as hydration is, getting kids to drink enough water can be quite the challenge. Here are some of the common hurdles we face as parents:

1. Distraction: Kids get easily distracted, especially when they're having fun. They might be so engrossed in riding their bike or exploring that they forget to drink water.

2. Preference: Some kids simply don't like the taste of plain water. They might prefer sugary tasting drinks or just forget to drink altogether.

3. Forgetfulness: Let’s face it, kids aren’t exactly known for their ability to remember things. They often need constant reminders to take a drink. Try setting goals. - like every 5 miles taker a drink break!

4. Inconvenience: Carrying a water bottle while riding a bike or scooter can be inconvenient for little hands. It’s not always easy for them to stop and take a drink, especially if they have to dig a bottle out of a standard backpack.

The Secret Weapon: Hydration Backpacks

Enter the hydration backpack. If you haven’t discovered these yet, they’re a game-changer. Our Ti-GO kids' hydration backpacks are designed to make staying hydrated easy and fun for your little ones. They’re essentially small backpacks with a built-in water reservoir and a drinking tube, so kids can sip water hands-free while they’re on the go.

Making Hydration Fun and Easy

So how do you get your kids to actually use their hydration backpacks and drink more water? Here are some tips:

1. Make It Fun: Kids love anything that feels like a game. Let them pick out their hydration backpack – our Ti-GO backpacks is lovingly created for little ridersand you can even give it a cool name, like their “Adventure Pack.”

2. Lead by Example: Show them how it’s done. If they see you using your own hydration pack or water bottle regularly, they’ll be more likely to follow suit.

3. Set Timers: Use a timer to remind them to take a sip every 20 minutes or 5 miles for example. This can be a fun little game, and they’ll enjoy hearing the timer go off and taking a drink together.

4. Flavor the Water: If your child isn’t a fan of plain water, try adding a splash of natural fruit juice or some fruit slices to make it more appealing. Just make sure it’s not too sugary.

5. Rewards System: Create a rewards system for drinking water. Maybe they earn a sticker for every full hydration backpack they finish or a small treat at the end of the day.

6. Teach Them the Importance: Sometimes kids are more likely to do something if they understand why it’s important. Explain to them how staying hydrated helps them play better and have more fun.

Our Personal Hydration Adventures

As parents who are passionate about cycling and outdoor activities, we've had our fair share of hydration challenges. One memorable incident during Covid involved our middle child who managed to empty their entire hydration pack in the first 10 minutes of a bike ride. While it was impressive, it also meant we had to cut the ride short to find a water refill!

Another time, our youngest decided that the drinking tube made a fantastic toy to whip around, rather than actually drinking from it. After a lot of laughter and a bit of patience, we managed to get them to use it properly.

Final Thoughts

Keeping kids hydrated when they’re out riding and being active doesn’t have to be a constant battle. With a little creativity and the right tools, like our Ti-GO hydration backpacks, you can make it easy and even fun for them to drink enough water.

So next time you’re heading out for a family bike ride or a day at the park, make sure your little adventurers have their hydration backpacks filled and ready to go. It’s one less thing to worry about and one more way to ensure they have the best time possible.

Here’s to many more happy, hydrated adventures, friends! Keep those little ones sipping and smiling, and enjoy every moment of your outdoor escapades.

Happy cycling, friends and don’t fuse the code BLOG5 for a little discount on us 🧡 


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