The Joys and Challenges of Letting Kids Ride or Scoot to School

The Joys and Challenges of Letting Kids Ride or Scoot to School

Hey Chris here! If you're anything like us, you've probably spent countless hours trying to figure out the best way to get your kids active and out the door in the mornings.

Letting them ride their balance bike, pedal bike, or scooter to primary school or nursery seems like the perfect solution, right? It’s fun, it’s active, and it gets them to school on time (most of the time). But as with any great parenting idea, there are a few challenges to tackle along the way. Let's dive into the ups, downs, and everything in between of letting kids ride or scoot to school, and how to handle those inevitable moments when they just don’t want to ride anymore.

The Benefits of Riding or Scooting to School

First off, let's talk about the many benefits of letting your little ones ride or scoot to school.

1. Physical Activity: Starting the day with some exercise is fantastic for kids. It wakes them up, gets their blood pumping, and can even improve their focus once they get to school. Plus, it’s a great way to build those muscles and coordination skills.

2. Independence: Riding or scooting gives kids a sense of independence and confidence. They learn to navigate their way, make decisions, and feel a sense of accomplishment when they arrive at school under their own steam.

3. Environmental Impact: It’s an eco-friendly alternative to driving. Less traffic, fewer emissions, and a happier planet. What’s not to love?

4. Bonding Time: Walking alongside your child as they ride or scoot gives you precious one-on-one time. It’s a chance to chat, laugh, and enjoy the morning together.

The Reality Check

Of course, the reality isn't always as dreamy as we imagine. There are some very real challenges that come with this seemingly idyllic morning routine.

The Morning Marathon

Let me paint a picture. It’s Monday morning. You’re already running 10 minutes late, your child insists on riding their scooter, and halfway to school they decide they’re done. Maybe they’re tired, maybe they’re bored, or maybe they’ve just spotted a really interesting rock on the path. Whatever the reason, you’re now faced with the task of carrying the scooter, your child’s backpack, lunch box, bottle, school project  and somehow convincing them to keep moving. Sound familiar?

The Boredom Blues

Kids are notorious for their short attention spans. One day they’re thrilled to ride their bike, the next day they couldn’t be less interested. You might find yourself in the classic situation of them pedalling or scooting enthusiastically for the first five minutes, only to declare they’re too tired to continue right when you’re the furthest from home.

The “I’m Too Tired” Moments

Tired legs can strike at any time. Sometimes it’s genuine fatigue, sometimes it’s just that they’ve lost interest. Either way, you’re left with the task of carrying their bike or scooter the rest of the way. And let’s be real, those things can be pretty awkward to lug around.

The Secret Weapon: Ti-GO Carry Straps

Here’s where a little bit of planning can save the day. Enter our humble carry strap.

We’re not saying it’s going to solve all your problems, but it certainly helps when you find yourself with an unrideable bike or scooter and a long walk ahead.

Our Ti-GO carry straps are designed to make this whole scenario a bit less chaotic. They’re strong, adjustable from a small balance bike or scooter all the way up to a 16” pedal bike!

Just sling it over your shoulder and you’re good to go. No more juggling act trying to carry everything at once. We have known people to wear as a belt in between use!

Making the Routine Work

So, how can you make this routine work smoothly and keep your sanity intact? Here are a few tips:

1. Set Expectations: Before you leave the house, set clear expectations with your child. Explain that they need to ride or scoot the whole way to school. Make it fun by setting small goals, like reaching a particular landmark before taking a break.

2. Pack Light: Try to minimise what you’re carrying. A light backpack and a sturdy carry strap can make a world of difference when you find yourself with an extra set of wheels to carry.

3. Take Breaks: Build in a little extra time to take breaks along the way. It can make the journey more enjoyable for your child and reduce the chances of them giving up halfway.

4. Use Incentives: A little bribery never hurt anyone, right? Maybe a special treat when they arrive at school or a sticker chart for completing rides can provide that extra bit of motivation.

5. Choose the Right Gear: Ensure your child’s bike or scooter is the right size and comfortable for them. This can reduce the chances of them getting tired or frustrated quickly. And of course, make sure you have a good carry strap for those inevitable times when you end up carrying their ride.

Our Personal Adventures

As parents and the creators of Ti-GO, we’ve had plenty of our own adventures (and misadventures) getting our kids to school. One particularly memorable morning involved a scooter, a very stubborn 2 year old toddler, and a set of legs that ran out of power super fast! Let’s just say, by the end of it, we were very grateful for our carry strap and an extra 10 minutes built into our schedule.

Another time, our oldest decided halfway to school that riding his balance bike was for babies and promptly refused to go any further. Cue a very creative negotiation and, yes, another chance to put our trusty carry strap to good use.

The Long-Term Payoff

Despite the occasional hiccup, the long-term benefits of letting your kids ride or scoot to school are well worth it. They’re getting exercise, learning responsibility, and starting their day with a sense of achievement. And let’s not forget the countless funny and memorable moments that come with these morning adventures.

Letting your kids ride or scoot to school can be a fantastic way to start the day. It’s active, fun, and full of opportunities for bonding. Sure, there will be challenges along the way—tired legs, bored riders, and the occasional meltdown—but with a bit of preparation and the right gear, you can handle it all.

And remember, our Ti-GO carry straps are Amazons ‘Recommended Choice’ are here to help when the going gets tough. They’re a simple solution to make those morning rides smoother and a lot more manageable. So, here’s to many more happy, active mornings, and to carrying on—literally and figuratively—when things don’t go quite as planned.

Happy cycling, friends and don’t forget to use the code BLOG5 for a little discount on us 🧡 


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