Every Ti-GO Bike frame is handmade from 6060 Aluminium making it a supremely lightweight but strong bike. But it's not only the weight that will allow the smallest riders to handle with ease, the ergonomic design also allows little legs to manoeuvre around whilst learning the basic skills.
The perfect first bike for your little rider.
Super-lightweight with components specifically designed for the smallest riders.

Why a Ti-GO ONE?

Your first bike doesn't have to cost the earth to do the best job for your little rider.  But it does have to be functional in the areas most important:

Weight: The ONE is super light at just 2.3kgs!

Steering: Our limiter reduces the chance of a sideways tumble whilst learning to handle the bike. 

Adjustment: Our quick release clamps not only can allow ease of seat and handlebar changes as your rider grows but also allows easy transport. 

Safety: Our fully CE tested bikes have built in reflective stripe elements to let people know they are around as the light dims.

When speed meets confidence this bike is the perfect choice to develop skills and prepare for life on 2 wheels.
We looked at every component of our bike and said 'Hey, can this be cooler? Faster? Better?' and we were pretty happy with what happened!
Spares & Upgrades
Our components allow easy upgrades and replacement to get the most use from your Ti-GO Bike and refresh the look as riders grow.

Still Unsure? Let Us Help!
From 1 bike to entire fleets we have you covered.