Ti-GO ‘Totes Warm’ Weatherproof Kids Cycling Gloves

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Ready for all weather riding? We want all little riders to be able to keep rolling during the challenging weather as it arrives!

The Ti-GO 'Totes Warm' all weather gloves are made from 3 layers of our 'THERMA-SKIN' windproof, water-resistant and breathable fabric which will keep little hands warm and create a thermal barrier against the cold wind.

We have developed a greater surface for our 'PAW-GRIP' giving a far better hold on the handlebars during slippery conditions and our 'GO-SHOCK' padding for a more comfortable ride.

The elasticated cuff not only provides an extended warm barrier up the wrist but also helps little hands get a better grip to remove and put on the gloves.

For maximum insulation put a toasty warm hand in the glove.

Why choose Ti-go?

Our Apparel & Accessories have been tried and tested with hundreds of little riders across the world before we launch it to the masses so you know that every thought and detail has been checked and given the Ti-GO seal of approval!



Great service and great quality kit. Their knee pads and gloves are excellent.

The only gloves we could find that fit our 2 year olds. Luckily for us they’re really good quality.

Bristol, UK

Brilliant products for little riders. My boy loved all his Ti-GO stuff! Prompt shipping & arrival with a little treat inside. Will definitely be purchasing again & would highly recommend to everyone

Northampton, UK



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